Staking & Farming Services

Create customized rewarding programs for your community with our incredibly powerful staking and farming pool creator.

Pool two tokens and receive rewards
A single token that yields rewards
Up to 10 simultaneous rewards
Time locks and boosters
Top-ups and reward swapping

Staking and Farming as a Service

Create a customized rewards program for your community using our powerful staking and farming pool creator. Our flexible staking & farming generator allows stakers and farmers to earn multiple rewards per stake.

Staking your UNCX Tokens

UNCX tokens are staked on the Ethereum chain in a one-time operation and our team in able to distribute reward on multiple chains at once. You can subscribe to up to 10 rewards pools for a given stake. Rewards mainly come from successful ILO launches.

Our Services

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Token Vesting

Staking &


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